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Each month we will present DIY Home Repairs here.

Start with coffee. Always start with coffee and add a pinch of salt and egg shells to the grounds for great flavor.

Okay, now that the most important part is taken care of let's get down to fixing what's broken.

This month we're going to tackle somethign simple yet happens in so many homes, a hole in the wall.

- Sand the edges around the hole smooth.

- Apply self adhesive drywall repair patch about 8 inches out from the drywall patch. Make it as smooth as you can.

- Skim over it with drywall compound with a wide putty knife.

- Make sure it's dry and apply a second coat of compound about 12 inches out from the adhesive patch as smooth as you can.

- To avoid a mess, use a dry wall sanding sponge. Make it damp but not too wet.

- Put a coat of paint on the repaired area before you paint the wall.