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- To avoid scratches when cleaning silverware and other surfaces use old powder puffs.

- Soak neglected paint brushes in hot vinegar to restore them.

- Do you use metal ice cube trays? To avoid having them stick to the freezer sprinkle a little salt on your dampened hand and rub the bottoms of the trays with it.

- Use a paper plate on the bottom of a paint can to catch any paint that runs down the outside of the can. A little glue or couble sided tape to hold the paper plate in place helps and no need to worry about where you set the can down.

- Tired of curtains getting caught on the end of the curtain rod? Put a thimble on the rod end and slide the curtain over it.

- For a cracked dish or plate, put in a pan of milk and boil it for 45 minutes. The crack will usually disappear and the plate/dish will be stronger.