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by Weeze Mace

Art by Weeze

Jim makes and sells beautifully crafted unique boxes as well as other items he will tell us about later in the article. Let’s see what Jim has to say.

Spring is in the air! Welcome April!

For this month’s local talent I interviewed Jim Winston, owner of Winston Woodcrafts.

Jim is a true artisan and gentleman. I met and got to know Jim a couple of years ago while we were both set up at local arts and crafts events.

Weeze: There are so many creative mediums to select from, what sparked your interest in wood working?

Jim: I`ve always had a strong liking for the outdoors or nature.  I enjoy the creating process.  Taking a piece of plain wood and making something useful or beautiful with it.

Weeze: Your animal and wonky shaped boxes are so fun and unique, what motivated you to make the first one?

Jim: That`s easy.  A Youtube video.  I was looking at videos trying to get ideas of what to make. I saw a video of a  craftsman making a simple bandsaw box,  and as they say, the rest is history.

Weeze: How do you describe your boxes?

Jim: I describe them as different.  I`m not satisfied by only making square boxes.  I enjoy making boxes of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Weeze: Do you make or plan to make items other than boxes?

Jim: Yes I do Weeze. I`m planning on making cutting boards, charcuterie boards, hardwood key fobs and smartphone holders or charging stations.  I also make displays for other crafters to use at craft shows.  And I take commissions.

Weeze: Do you have a favorite wood to work with and why?

Jim: I love walnut.  The color and grain pattern is so awesome when the finish is applied.

Weeze: Tell us a little about your studio/workspace and your process.

Jim: My workspace is a two car garage with basic woodworking tools and a couple of benches.  My process is simple.  Keep busy. I don`t do a lot of planning,  I just DO. 

Weeze: Do you have one big idea or project that you hope to someday create?

Jim: Yes I do Weeze.  I have a storage shed on order that should arrive soon.  All of my lawn and garden stuff will go into the shed.  When that happens I can really get into creating the workshop that I have in my mind.

Weeze: What sparks your creativity and makes the wheels in your head start turning?

Jim: Honestly Weeze, I don`t know.  I believe everyone has some God given creative ability. I don`t know how it happens, but when it does it`s awesome.

Weeze: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Jim: When I was in college I wanted to be an accountant.  After two semesters I found that it was not for me.  I switched to business management. I didn`t like that either.  I enjoy working with my hands.  I Thessalonians 4:11.

Weeze: What do you geek out about?

Jim: I never get tired of how the way the wood looks or changes when I put on the final finish coat.

Weeze: What are you currently working on?

Jim: Not much at the moment.  I had hand surgery at the end of December and as of this interview I`m not supposed to pick up anything larger than a grain of rice.  I am using my other hand to draw ideas of things I plan to make.

Weeze: Where can our readers see more of your works, in person and/or online?

Jim: A good bit of my work can be seen on Instagram @ winstonwoodcrafts.  I will be set up at the Tri State Handmade Holiday Market in Harpers Ferry at the Clarion Inn on May 8th from 9 to 4.  I always have items available at my home in Martinsburg.

Weeze: You mentioned you accept commissions, how can you be contacted?

Jim: I do accept commissions. I can be messaged on Facebook or my Email address is

Weeze: Is there anything else you would like to add and let our readers know about?

Jim: Sure.  Whatever you make, create, or break, don`t stop.  Thank you, Weeze.  This was great.

 Weeze: Thank you Jim for talking to me and our readers, as always, it’s been a pleasure!

Jim: Thank you Weeze.  This was great.

Ok, readers, that’s Jim from Winston Woodcrafts.  I hope you are as impressed with his work as I am. I encourage you to reach out to him if you would like to purchase an item or ask him questions.

Remember, shop small and shop local.  It means a lot to the business you shop at and you find unique items for yourself and for gifts.

Be well and visit again in early May to see who the next featured Berkeley County artist is!